About Our San Diego Accounting and Bookkeeping Team

Over the last decade, we’ve developed a solid consulting process that addresses the unique needs and circumstances of each local client. Our San Diego accounting and bookkeeping process starts with identifying ideal technical systems. Then we help to develop and implement compliant and efficient accounting processes with transparent oversight. Finally, we establish standards for CFO level reporting.

Our team of expert business consulting professionals have unique and varied professional backgrounds. They’ve worked in both public and private industry. This has provided them with exposure to and experience in nearly all functional aspects of business related to bookkeeping, accounting, financial controlling and C-level administration.

While LWI offers in-house BOOKKEEPING, TAX, CONTROLLER, and CFO CONSULTING SERVICES, we are also able to offer additional consulting through third-party vendor and consultant relationships. This means we can serve as a single source of expertise and solutions for each of the San Diego small businesses we serve.

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